Financial Wellness

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- Published on October 27, 2016

Financial Wellness

At Fiduciary Plan Advisors, we understand that true financial wellness requires personalized attention, ongoing support and trusted advice tailored to each individual’s long-term objectives and needs.

In addition to plan and financial education, we offer your employees comprehensive investment advice on topics that include budgeting and debt elimination, at no additional cost. We also believe in helping participants understand basic financial terms, learn more about the market and equip them with the knowledge to make more informed investment and financial decisions.

Our mutual goal is to give your employees the confidence that their investments and planning can yield a comfortable and thriving retirement. Our team has a passion for employee education. In order to be accessible to all employees, we provide a multi-faceted approach that includes:

• In-person meetings
• Monthly webinars
• One-on-one employee education and advice
• Customized voice-over videos to help engage plan participants
• A dedicated email for each clients’ participants to ask questions
• Annual Retirement Income Statement
• Sponsorship of the SmartDollar Financial Wellness Program (a 17-week program that helps participants create a budget, eliminate debt and save for retirement

Every client has different employee education and communication needs and challenges, which is why we use several different methodologies to develop customized education strategies and plans.

Employee Engagement Program & Tools


We work with your employees to understand their investment options and reach a realistic outlook for the future.


We provide an annual retirement income sufficiency report and offer financial wellness coaching.


We develop participant education programs that increase the probability your participants can retire with an adequate retirement benefit.

We believe that low balances in retirement plans are often a symptom of a much bigger issue. Many participants don’t have a budget or a plan for their money, and many are living in debt. This stress is likely impacting their production at work and their participation in the retirement plan. Thus, our team incorporates debt elimination programs and budgeting advice into our comprehensive education services.

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